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Rebate & Filming Incentives

Rebate & Filming Incentives: Production and Post Production Film Incentives and Tax Rebates. Foreign Film and Television Production Incentive

  • Min spend required of ZAR12 million
  • Rebate calculated at 20% of QSAPE (Qualifying South African Production Expenditure)
  • Min 50% of principal photography & a min of 4 weeks must be filmed in South Africa (this may be waived at the discretion of the Adjudication Committee)

South African Film and Television Production and Co-Production Incentive

  • Min budget required of ZAR2.5 million
  • Rebate calculated at 35% of the first ZAR6 million of QSAPE and 25% of the balance
  • At least 50% of principal photography and a min of 2 weeks must be filmed in South Africa

Post-Production Incentive

  • Minimum post-production expenditure of ZAR1.5 million
  • Rebate level of 22.5% for Post-production expenditure of ZARR1,5 million – ZAR3 million.
  • Rebate level of 25% for Post-production expenditure above ZAR3 million.    

There is no cap limit on any of these rebates. For more detailed information, please email Patrick Walton on

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