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Surveying the Earth (2/2) - with Harald Lesch

Die Vermessung der Erde (2/2) - mit Harald Lesch. The two-part documentary links the findings of the story with the expeditions of modern researchers in the 21st century and makes it clear that the research trip on surveying the earth is far from over.

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The craziest, wildest most insane natural phenomena. Out of this world raw, wild and wet. Thousands of Sharks… we don’t just sit in the boat we get in with the sharks and swim with them. Bait ...

Test My Ride - Cape Town takes Mika Salo and the viewers to Cape Town in South Africa. On the fast Killarney Race Track, Mika Salo is challenged by 10 local competitors with their cars. The cars in ...

The world's most popular reality show The Bachelor Livillä Finland will start on Tuesday 15 March at 21:00. Emotions will rise to the surface, after ten Women will travel to South Africa. One woman ...
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