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South Africa maintains through specialist companies a high level of current equipment used on commercials, films and stills. Used around the world. We strongly recommend that you include your equipment requirement early in the quoting process to that we can ensure availability. If not in Cape Town our suppliers will endeavour to ship it to us. In some instances it may be budget friendly to bring camera bodies with you. As we are a strange destination be sure to bring your international adapters along, but not to worry if you do forget we can source these locally. Equipment includes


Here are some examples of equipment available


  • Arri Alexa and Alexa Plus
  • Phantom Flex
  • RED Scarlet, RED Epic and RED Mysterium and RED One
  • Canon 5D Mark III and Mark II
  • Canon 7D
  • Nikon D4 and D800
  • Arriflex D-21
  • Panavision Genesis
  • Sony F35
  • Arri 35mm and Arri 16mm film, andPanavision 35mm film cameras
  • FS7


  • Gyron
  • Cineflex
  • Quad-copter (small remote controlled aerial camera system)
  • Libra
  • Technocrane
  • RevolveR Motion Control System
  • Motoman and Milo Motion Control systems
  • Chapman and Fisher dollies and jib arms
  • Giraffe cranes
  • Car mounts
  • Tracking vehicles
  • Marine platforms


  • Arri HMI Fresnel,  Arrisun HMI Par lamps and accessories
  • Joker bugs
  • Xenon lights
  • Incandescents
  • Quartz Lights
  • Wendy lights
  • Cyclights and softlights
  • Kino Flo
  • LED lights
  • Underwater
  • Intelligent and SFX lights
  • Showreel

  • Development