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ShootAway Production is no different from other suppliers in South Africa, we are able to tap into professional resources. We all are able to tap into the professional crew resource through our crewing agency suppliers though we do have our favourites when it comes to crew selection. We also ensure skill sets match the requirement of the project. South Africa has some exceptional Heads of Departments so feel free to request showreel’s and cv’s from our flight crew.

Talent is in abundance in South Africa with over 300 agencies countrywide. Models, Characters, Kids, Actors, Actresses, Background, Walk-ons of all ages, ethnicities shapes and sizes. South Africa has been used to mimic a number of destinations around the world. Samples of Talent can be sent to you if considering South Africa as a destination.

Crew Guidelines overview. For more comprehensive information please contact us.

  1. Standard day or night hours are 10 hours, including meals.
  2. Overtime is paid at time-and-a-half for the next 4 hours, and at double time thereafter
  3. Crew are paid time-and-a-half on premium days (Sundays and public holidays) and the first night of a night shoot. We do make an effort to schedule around this to assist your budget.
  4. Turnaround between wrap is 10 hours, and a fee is payable for any eroded hours.
  5. Cancellation fees apply if the cancellation is less than 5 working days before the shoot, or of the crew member was confirmed by means of a 24 hour confirm-or-release notice.

For more comprehensive information please email us.

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