Feel at home in South Africa with ShootAway

When you’re shooting away, feel at home in South Africa, with ShootAway Production. ShootAway Production is a company who specializes in the facilitation and service of international and local productions with specific emphasis

on service delivery and personal attention. With years of production experience and local crew, ShootAway Production offers you an assured base of skill and services for your production to take off.

Located in the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, ShootAway Production can facilitate your production anywhere in South Africa providing you with a professional experience to international industry expectations, whilst taking nothing away from the local character and flair that keep people coming back to our shores.

With an Associate production company in Malta, Rock Productions – ShootAway Productions offers alternatives for your production.

“ShootAway Production is a full service production company. With a vast understanding of the business they could fill our every need, and they exceeded our expectations by a mile. Patrick Walton is not only a hard professional, he is a true gentleman." Henri Savolainen Nitro Films